Easy Updates That Can Help You Fall in Love With Your Bed and Bath Again


Looking to refresh your bedroom and bathroom? You don’t need any major improvement projects to help these essential spaces look brand new. In fact, some of the simplest changes you can make can add the most impact when it comes to interior design and decor. So, use these simple update tips to take your bed and bath from basic to beautiful in minutes.


Start with a Fresh Coat of Color


If you really want to give your bedroom and bathroom a new look, start by giving your walls a new coat of paint. Changing up the colors in your rooms is a simple way to add an updated personal style to your living spaces. In your bedroom, softer color palettes tend to be more suitable for calming sleep, so select shades of soft pink, airy blues and delicate greens to keep the vibe cozy. Your overall color scheme should flow into the master bathroom to give this second relaxation space a cohesive feel, but bathrooms are typically safer spaces to experiments with bold colors. Not ready for a major color overhaul? You can still get an updated look and add a pop of fun color with a creative accent wall. Shiplap, tile, and vibrant paint effects are all perfect ways to add some serious personal style to your bedroom or bathroom, but don’t be afraid to experiment with printed wallpaper as well.


Add Some Functional, Stylish Touches


Nothing ages your home quite like outdated furniture. If you are still holding onto an old bed or chaise lounge, consider looking around for more modern selections for your bed and bath. Ensuring that new pieces are proportional and complimentary to your rooms can be a bit tricky, so this is a good time to consult an interior designer. Professional designers have the experience needed to pull together a perfectly polished room anywhere in your home. You can connect with an interior designer near you online.


If you would rather DIY your updates, keep a few key furniture and decor points in mind. You want to maintain that calm feeling you’ve curated in your bedroom with a comfy bed and lounge pieces. For smaller updates, you can think about changing out your headboard, adding some elegant new lamps, and placing plants throughout the room. If you want to make your rooms look more spacious and open, strategically placing mirrors can do the trick. A large mirror on the floor can brighten up your bedroom and act as a simple accent for your new decor.


Finish With Some Seriously Soft Details


Paint, furniture, and decor are all elemental for updating your bath and bed spaces. However, to really add some comfort, you will need to pick out some new linens as well. Changing out your bedding is actually a very easy way to completely change the look of your bedroom space if you are not in the market for a major makeover. It’s also a useful trick for making your room look more festive during various holidays and seasons. Look for bedding that combines comfort with quality, so that you will always be happy to spend time relaxing in your bedroom.


For the bathroom, swapping out your shower curtain, towels and rugs can give you the fresh look you crave. Bathroom linens offer a fun opportunity to experiment with bolder colors and patterns in your decorating scheme. Textures can add interest as well, so pay attention to these tiny details to really help your space stand out. However, sticking to white towels is always a smart style move as well. White towels also tend to stand up to multiple launderings and coordinate with just about any bathroom update you make in the future.


Sprucing up your bed and bath does not have to require major renovations. With a few simple changes to your walls, decor, and furniture, you can get the updated look you want without any added stress or headaches. So, use these tips and dial up the style in your bedroom and bathroom to create spaces you will want to come home to.


Photo Credit: Unsplash


Article provided by Ray Flynn from DIYGuys.net.